Progress Reports –> October 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

Our school community continues to be a truly vibrant place with everyone engaged in their learning and enjoying themselves tremendously.  It is hard to believe that we are at the mid-point of our first trimester already.

Trimester 1 Progress Reports will be issued next Tuesday, Oct 10th. We will send a digital copy as well as a hard copy for each student. Hard copies will be bundled by family and an envelope sent home with the youngest student in the family. Please be sure to check those backpacks next Tuesday and as always please contact us should you have any questions.

It is important to note that Progress Reports are simply that, a report on progress at the mid-point of each trimester. Think of these reports as a “half-time” check-in of the game plan. An indicator signaling that first half outcomes were met and all systems are “go” heading into the second half.  Alternatively, the indicator may be that there is a need to focus, adjust or tweak the game plan with a goal of improving the outcome in the second half.  At the end of each trimester, a full much more detailed report will be shared.

Fall Break is upon us at the end of next week. Time to press the “pause button” and take some well-deserved R&R to recharge before we head into the end of our 1st trimester. To encourage our young readers, I have asked everyone to take a picture of themselves and family reading someplace in the world over the break. We will be sending a link to a shared Google folder and ask that you upload pictures to this location. We will do this again during our winter break.

Finally, we wish to share that in addition to mornings prior to school and scheduled class periods with the teacher, the Library is also open for students each day after-school until 4:00pm.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy your weekend.


Seamus Marriott


Dear Parents,

MAP is on our radar. During the period of Sept. 25 – October 12, DAIS students in grades 1-8 will be involved in writing the first session of this year’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). MAP tests are completed in the Fall and Spring of each school year. Our purpose in having our students write MAP is three-fold.  To provide us another tool in determining your child’s instructional level, to measure academic growth throughout the school year and to give us comparative data on how our DAIS students are doing in comparison to the ten million plus students in the norm group, and students in over 200 other international schools around the world.

MAP tests are unique in that your child will take the tests on a computer and the tests are adaptive in nature. The questions that appear on your child’s screen adjust in difficulty depending upon prior responses, zeroing in on your child’s level of learning. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.  Students in Grade 1 will write two different tests (Reading & Mathematics), while students in Grade 2 write three tests ( Reading, Language Usage and Math). Students in grades 3-8 complete an additional test in Science for a total of four tests over the week. Each test is approximately 40 to 60 minutes in duration, though there is no limit for children who require extra time.

It is always important that children try their best, but please know there is no studying that can be done for this type of testing. Preparation is done through the daily classroom learning the children experience. That said, a good night’s rest and breakfast are definite pluses.

One great feature of MAP is that there is no long delay in obtaining performance data. Within a couple of weeks of each testing period, you will receive a complete report showing your child’s results and a comparative analysis of your child’s performance to that of the norm group. For more information on resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit at: or as always, our door is open at school for any questions you may have.


Seamus Marriott


DAIS NEWS – Sept 4th Edition

Back to School Night- Wednesday Sept 20 @6:15pm

Our Back to School Night is designed to provide parents with an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and to learn about the instructional philosophy and the curriculum at the grade level. The session is designed to be a whole group conversation and not an individual parent- teacher conference time. We are extremely excited to share what we do, so we hope you can join us. We wish to include working parents so we purposefully scheduled our event to begin at 6:15pm. We will begin with a whole group session and then move to more specific sessions within the grade level classrooms. To accommodate parents with more than one child in school, each classroom teacher will host two identical twenty (25) minute sessions. Please note that the “Back to School” event is designed as a parent information evening, so children are not expected to attend. That said, there will be child care available if needed.

Evening Schedule:

6:15-6:45 Opening and Specialists

6:50-7:15-Classroom Session 1

7:20-7:45-Classroom Session 2

We look forward to welcoming you.

Announcing DAIS Open Mic

Open Mic is a new initiative aimed to provide students the opportunity to share their learning with an audience in an authentic and timely manner. Open Mic will begin on Monday, Sept.11 and will rotate on a schedule of every second Monday from that point. Individual students, small groups or a whole class, in coordination with their teacher, can sign up for one of the five slots on the assembly agenda. Parents will be notified by the teacher by Friday of the week prior should their child be presenting at the subsequent Monday Assembly.

The Open Mic initiative is intended to replace what returning families have known as Community Time, yet still provide children the opportunity to hone their communication and presentation skills. Besides providing children an opportunity to share their learning in a more timely/authentic manner, Open Mic should also provide parents in attendance an enhanced experience in regard to being able to see and hear their child. In addition, Monday Assemblies are 30 minutes long, so working parents can share in their child’s “on stage moments” and still arrive to the office in a timely manner. Increased enrollment, the foot print of the assembly area and potential audience size was another point considered in making this change.

Revised MAP Test Dates:  Sept 25 – October 12

Elementary children will write during the week of Sept 25 and Middle School students will write after the MS Trip.



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