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Track Meet Results


On Saturday, April 15, DAIS took eleven track members to a meet at QSI. Many students tried out new events even though they only had two practices prior to the meet. We treated it like a pre-assessment to see how far we grow until the next track meet in May. Though we were small in number and battled the wind all day, we came back victorious. Our team collected a total of 29 medals (check out the listing below for medal placements and pictures).

Over 12 Division
  • Darcy:
    • 3rd Place in 400m
  • Kesha:
    • 2nd Place in 200m
    • 3rd Place in Long Jump, 4×400 Team Relay, & 4×100 Team Relay
  • Masha:
    • 2nd Place in 1600m
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay & 4×400 Team Relay
  • Mack:
    • 2nd Place in 400m
    • 3rd Place in Shot Put
  • Jake E:
    • 3rd Place in 800m
  • Holly:
    • 1st Place in 100m
    • 2nd Place in Long Jump
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay, 4×400 Team Relay, & Shot Put
  • Ciana:
    • 1st Place in Shot Put
    • 3rd in 100m
  • Alex:
    • 2nd Place in Shot Put & Baseball Throw
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay & 4×400 Team Relay
Under 12 Division
  • Harry:
    • 1st Place in Shot Put
    • 3rd Place in 100m
  • Bryan:
    • 1st Place in 100m
    • 2nd Place in 200m & Shot Put
  • Jake S:
    • 3rd Place in Shot Put & 1600m

Cross Country Race > Saturday Sept. 10 at 10:00

Photo credit: http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/cross-country-running-clip-art-36996502
Photo credit: http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/cross-country-running-clip-art-36996502
On Saturday (Sept. 10) our Middle School Cross Country team will have their first race of the season.  This year the start of the course has been moved to Dostyk Village (River Gate)  and will continue towards the walking bridge.
The race will have students from both QSI and DAIS. Students will gather in the DAIS Courtyard at 9:30 and the race will begin at 10:00am on Saturday, September 10th.
Everyone is invited to come out and cheer on our students. 

DAIS Volleyball Team Plays QSI: Nov 7

QSI at DAIS Volleyball
QSI at DAIS Volleyball

DAIS will be hosting a volleyball exchange between our team and 20+ players from QSI this Friday, from 4:30 to 6:45p. This event will include skill and drill practice, games, and finish with a pizza party on the top floor of the clubhouse.

The activity will be supervised by Brent  and Cheryl Fullerton (DAIS), Patrick Hughes and Jeff McGuire (QSI)

We are excited to be offering a chance for our young talent to demonstrate their sportsmanship, athleticism and diplomacy!