Principal’s Message: Sept. 21, 2014

Congratulating students for working diligently on MAP tests.
Congratulating students for working diligently on MAP tests.

Dear Parents,

Congratulations go out to our children who completed their MAP tests this past Thursday.  I am very proud of our students; they took their time and really worked to do their very best.  Your support and encouragement from home was a huge help.

On October 3rd, we will have our first Community Time.  This will happen at 8:00 am in the school foyer.  A great way for students to learn is through a sharing of their learning.  At Community Time, parents provide the audience for children to share a piece of learning that has occurred in their classroom over the last few weeks.

Following the Community Time, we will regroup in the Library for our Parent Tea.

Parents who attend the Parent Tea, will immediately receive a copy of their child’s MAP results.  The agenda for the meeting will include an overview of the MAP test, an explanation as to how to interpret the results, a summary of our school’s overall results, as well as information for parents on how we as a school will use the results.  If you are unable to attend the parent tea, your child’s results will be sent home that day.

All parents are invited to meet with their child’s homeroom teacher or with me to talk specifically about their child’s results.

September 26th looks to be a big day for the students at DAIS.  Sixth Grade is sponsoring a DAIS Spirit Day and calling for all students to come in pajamas.  It’s called ‘PJ & Stuffy Day’ so don’t forget to bring along your favorite stuffed animal. At lunch on the same day, DAIS parents are sponsoring the first Friday Brown Bag Lunch.  This will be held in the Upstairs Clubhouse room. Lunch will be followed by playtime in the Gym.  Everyone is invited.

Last, but not least, if you go to special event on the DAIS web site, you can find photos of last weekend’s “Welcome Back BBQ”.  The students, the teachers and I would like to give our thanks to Michelle Brannen and her committee for organizing a fun filled afternoon.  Special thanks to Marloes Brantjes, Wendy Barrie, Chris Patterson and Jo Rava for organizing the games for the children.  The laughter and smiles in the photos indicate that the games were a great success, and the meal was amazing.  Thank you for the wonderful party!

-Lory Thiessen


Students Head to Switzerland for Study Trip

Hiking in the Swiss Alps.
Hiking in the Swiss Alps.

Each year DAIS arranges a Study Trip for the Middle School students. This year’s trip will be in October and will see the students travel to Village Camps in Leysin, Switzerland.

The mountain campus.
The mountain campus.

Village Camps is a well-established educational camp that has been in existence since 1972. It is built on a philosophy of “education through recreation” and “learning while having fun.” Village Camp seeks to achieve these goals through activities designed to promote leadership, teamwork, independence and an understanding of the interaction between people and their environment. Each day students will participate in activities designed to help them achieve these objectives. These include hiking, rock-climbing, orienteering and survival skills.

Outdoor leadership, orienteering and rock climbing are some of the camp's activities.
Outdoor leadership, orienteering and rock climbing are some of the camp’s activities.

Students are expected to work in teams to meet and overcome these challenges, while developing a greater sense of self and balance within a peer group environment. Our DAIS students are excited by the opportunities and challenges that await them in Switzerland.

– by Mr. Peter Parker

Get Ready for Hockey and Ice Skating

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Hockey season is just around the corner and I wanted to share this information with you before the October and December breaks so families can purchase equipment while out on holidays.
The school does not provide any personal equipment for the ice skating unit. We will have a 3-week skating unit starting in January, weather and ice rink conditions permitting. The school recommends having the following equipment: hockey helmet, skates, elbow / shin pads.
Classroom Participation:
  • Pre K will not be skating
  • Kindergarten optional (if parent attends class and is on the ice with their child. Child must have skates and helmet. Parents could wear winter boots or skates)
  • Grade 1-8 students will participate
Equipment Recommendations:

Hockey helmet with face mask are highly recommended:

  • Students will not be allowed on the ice without a helmet
  • Click here to learn how to fit a hockey helmet
See why your child should have a face mask >
Hockey smiles


Skates and Sticks:

Optional Equipment:

  • Elbow pads and shin pads — will help prevent bumps and bruises when falling
  • Click to learn how to fit a elbow pads
  • Click to learn how to fit a shin pads

Having the right gear will make skating more enjoyable learning environment.

– Mr. “G” Sawatzky

Touching Hearts Strengthening Minds