DASL Indoor Soccer Finals: Saturday, Nov 8

Dear Parents and Students,

DASL Indoor Soccer ended last week.  The finals are on Saturday, November 8th from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the gym.


ES / MS Game # Team vs Team Start Time Finish Time
1. MS RED WINGS  vs  OILERS 12:00 12:30
2. ES OILERS vs BRUINS 12:40 1:10
3. MS FINAL BRUINS vs Winner Game #1 1:20 1:50
4. ES FINAL RED WINGS vs Winner Game #2 2:00 2:35



1st place  —  Red Wings 36 points.

2nd place  —  Bruins  30 points.  &  Oilers 30 points.


  1. Bruins  —  18 points
  2. Oliers  —  18 points
  3. Red Wings  —  12 points

*Tie break decided by head to head, Bruins defeated Oilers 3 games to 1 during regular season.


  1. Red Wings  —  24 points
  2. Oilers  —  12 points
  3. Bruins  —  12 points

Spirit Day: Black and Orange

Spirit Day October 31st.

Dear Parents,

To add joy and laughter to our lives, each month, one class gets to choose the theme for our dress and the day on which they would like us all to dress in a certain fashion.

Last month the Grade Six Students chose PJ’s and Stuffy Day.

This month, on the 31st of October our Preschool Students have named the day ‘Black and Orange Day’. On ‘Black and Orange Day’ students and teachers alike will come dressed wearing as much black and orange as they could find in their homes. These colors could be in your clothing, on your feet or in your hair. Be creative!

Mark your calendars.

Pumpkin Decoration Contest

Why was the jack-0-lantern afraid to cross the road?

It had no guts!

Time to get creative and show some Halloween spirit!

Beginning the week of October 27 through November 1st, the library will be hosting it’s first ever pumpkin decorating contest in the spirit of Patricia Polacco’s book Picnic at Mudsock Meadow.

The event works like this…

The school will provide one pumpkin for each family. The pumpkins will be available for pick-up at the school lobby starting Monday, October 27. 

Each family is invited to take home their pumpkin for decorating. The pumpkin decoration categories are as follows:

  1. Best Sporty Pumpkin
  2. Most Creative Pumpkin
  3. Best Dressed Pumpkin
  4. Most Healthy Pumpkin
  5. Best Cultural Pumpkin
  6. Best Carved Pumpkin

 The sky is the limit — be as innovative and creative as possible. Props, accessories, clothes, et cetera can be incorporated into your design.

On Friday morning, October 31, families should deliver decorated pumpkins back to school and place on the stage . Pumpkins will remain on display for public viewing and judging.  Please be sure to label your pumpkin with your family’s names.

After school, families should take their pumpkins to  the Fall Festival venue for display, or back home for trick-o-treating. Best Pumpkin Decorating winners will be announced at Fall Festival.

Have fun and happy pumpkin making!

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