Community Time & Parent Coffee–>Friday, February 3

Feb. CT FLyer

At the Parent Coffee on Friday, February 3,  Mr. Foster will share information about the inclusion of Engineering Design at the DAIS Science Fair on February 25.  During the session, Mr. Foster will compare the Scientific Investigations and Engineering Design frameworks.  He will also present an example of how one topic could be developed with each framework.

Please click here to view Mr. Foster’s visual aids presented during the session.

Ice Skating Begins January 24th

 Ice Skating Unit to start January 24, 2017
Tomorrow, we will begin our skating unit for grades 1-8.  Students will be walking to and from the ice rink for P.E. classes. The unit will last for approximately 3 weeks depending on the weather and ice conditions. If the temperature dips below -15 ℃ or there is excessive windchill, classes will be cancelled. Skating can be canceled with short notice so please ensure that your child has a pair of running shoes at school so they can participate in regular gym activities. Parents in grades 1-4, if your child cannot tie their own skates I would like you to come and assist with tying skates to minimize the loss to instructional time.
Please ensure that you send your child to school with:
  1. Gear
    1. Helmet: Please ensure that the helmet fits properly and that it does not need to be adjusted at the rink. Students will not be allowed on the ice without a helmet.
    2. Skates: The laces should be loose enough so your child can easily slip their foot into the skate, then snug the laces up.
    3. Protective gear: Elbow pads, shin pads are optional but recommended if your child is new to skating.
  2. Proper clothing for outside.
    1. Dress in layers, with a wind resistant outer layer.
    2. When it is cold, wear a hat (a large portion of body heat is lost from the head), mittens or insulated gloves. You should also have something to keep your face warm, such as a scarf, neck tube or facemask.
    3. Lower body: long underwear and nylon track pants or snow pants.
    4. Upper body: long sleeved underwear, fleece jacket or hoodie, and winter jacket.
  3. Bag to carry all the gear.
Grades 1-2, 2:30 – 3:15
Grades 3-4, 11:20 – 12:00
Grades 5-6, 1:45 – 2:30
Grades 7-8, 10:00 – 11:00 only on Days 2 – 4 & 6

DAIS Hosts Visiting Author Chris Cander

January 23-26 DAIS will host author Chris Cander.


DAIS is proud to present and host Chris Cander.  Chris is an award winning author of children’s and adult fiction.  She lives in the Houston area and is associated with Writers in the Schools,  a creative writing organization.

Chris has organized lessons and will be working with students throughout the week.  A special writing celebration will be held on Thursday afternoon at 2PM in the foyer.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  

Please visit her website for more information about her.

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