Extracurricular Offerings


DAIS After School Activities

DAIS After School Activities are designed to give students the opportunity to develop new interests, refine their skills and build friendships. DAIS parents and teachers team to offer a variety of activities covering sports, the arts and academics. Our school year is divided into quarters with approximately ten activities being offered each quarter. Children are encouraged to attend all sessions if they sign up for a class, thus building their perseverance and teaching students to be responsible for their learning. We also offer seven yearlong activities: Dombra, Kazakh Dance, Russian Class, Chinese Class, Pre-K&K Soccer and Elementary and Middle School sports league (DASL). For the yearlong activities, students are registered at the beginning of the year; new students many join upon their arrival by emailing Mr. Shane Van Staden, our After School Activities program director. Registration for the DAIS After School Activity program is done on-line. Please go to the school’s website and select Extracurricular and then the session for which you want to register.

Click here=> After School Activity Calendar 2017-18

DAIS/QSI Competitive Sports

A second section of our activity program is designed for Middle Students. Children from Grades 5-8 are invited to try out for a joint (DAIS & QSI) sports team that plays competitive games with other schools in Atyrau and in other cities in Kazakhstan. This year we plan to team with QSI in Cross Country Running, with more sports to be confirmed. More information to follow.


Private Classes

In addition to the after school activities which typically run for 6-8 weeks, parents have organized classes that focus on skill building and are calendared throughout the year. Parents and/or local community members offer these classes. As parents organize these activities, the instructors are not vetted or supervised by DAIS. A list of private classes and parent contacts can be picked up at the school office or received electronically by emailing Shane Van Staden (svanstaden@daiskz.org.)




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