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Summer Reading Program

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The goal of the Summer Reading Program is to provide students with a little motivation to practice reading. Reading throughout the summer helps to develop a love of reading and allows children to continue to grow as a reader during their vacation time.

Download Summer Reading Calendar

How it works

Reading for this program should be done between June 2nd and August 6th, 2017. Students should read four to five days per week.
The chart below shows the suggested reading time to reach each day. If your child gets hooked on a good book and would like to read for longer than the suggested time, just record those minutes on the Summer Reading Calendar.
You and your child should record the time-spent reading. Each time your child reads, write your initials on the Summer Reading Calendar with the total number of minutes for that day.
Students will need to turn in their Summer Reading Calendar when they return to school in August. Please total up the time for your teacher/librarian. Students who have met their reading goal will receive special recognition.

DAIS Summer Library Hours

Monday and Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Book Recommendations


Water Day –>Thursday, June 1st

Prepare to have some fun and get soaked!

Thursday afternoon, June 1, from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m., DAIS students (PreK-8) will be enjoying water games on the field and swim time at the pool.

Parents, after lunch, be sure to slather and slop on sunscreen and send your children back to school with the following:

  • swim suit
  • shorts
  • shoes
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • water guns (please label with name or house number)

Field activities include the  Super Sponge Relay, Wild Water Gauntlet, Wet Sponge Toss, Steal the Water Balloon, Balloon Catapult  and Water Gun Shootout. Once field activities conclude, students will finish the fun at the swimming pool.

Parents are invited to join the festivities at the pool at approximately 2:30.

PreK children are invited to join in on the fun with a parent coming with their child.

We are asking for volunteers to watch children at the pool. Please let Mrs. Holcomb know if you are available.

Track Meet Results


On Saturday, April 15, DAIS took eleven track members to a meet at QSI. Many students tried out new events even though they only had two practices prior to the meet. We treated it like a pre-assessment to see how far we grow until the next track meet in May. Though we were small in number and battled the wind all day, we came back victorious. Our team collected a total of 29 medals (check out the listing below for medal placements and pictures).

Over 12 Division
  • Darcy:
    • 3rd Place in 400m
  • Kesha:
    • 2nd Place in 200m
    • 3rd Place in Long Jump, 4×400 Team Relay, & 4×100 Team Relay
  • Masha:
    • 2nd Place in 1600m
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay & 4×400 Team Relay
  • Mack:
    • 2nd Place in 400m
    • 3rd Place in Shot Put
  • Jake E:
    • 3rd Place in 800m
  • Holly:
    • 1st Place in 100m
    • 2nd Place in Long Jump
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay, 4×400 Team Relay, & Shot Put
  • Ciana:
    • 1st Place in Shot Put
    • 3rd in 100m
  • Alex:
    • 2nd Place in Shot Put & Baseball Throw
    • 3rd Place in 4×100 Team Relay & 4×400 Team Relay
Under 12 Division
  • Harry:
    • 1st Place in Shot Put
    • 3rd Place in 100m
  • Bryan:
    • 1st Place in 100m
    • 2nd Place in 200m & Shot Put
  • Jake S:
    • 3rd Place in Shot Put & 1600m