DAIS is vested in making emerging technologies available to the school-wide learning community. Starting August 2013, the  school began to roll out Apple’s latest iOS/X devices. This included iMac desktops in the technology lab and library as well as MacBook Pro laptops, iPads and iPods for students and teachers.

Grades PreK through Grade 1 each have a class set of iPads. Grades 2 through 8 working in a one-to-one iPad environment. With these new tools available, learners feel empowered to create, communicate, collaborate and research in ways not possible before.

DAIS is excited about igniting a brushfire of innovation by being one of the few education institutions pioneering Apple tools in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Acceptable Use Policy

When it comes to digital technologies in our school, please…

  1. Be empowered. Do awesome things. Share with us your ideas and and what you can do. Amaze us.
  2. Be nice. Help foster a school community that is respectful and kind. Spread the love.
  3. Be smart and be safe. If you are uncertain talk with us.
  4. Be careful and gentle. Our resources are limited. Help us take care of our devices and network.

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Acceptable Use Policy PK-3

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